It's 15:00 on Saturday and your team is playing, but you have no means of watching the game except via videprinter right?

Wrong! With Match Day VR Live you will be able to follow your team by seeing on-the-ball action virtually.

  • Barclays Premier League

    Follow The Season 2015/2016


Virtual Matchday Game
Animation Display

Our service will allow you to watch graphically on-the-ball action from the Barclays Premier League by using data that holds events that our website will convert graphically and display it on screen. The maximum amount of players you will see at any one time is about 3 as this in on-the-ball action.
You will see many types of events happening during the game for example you will see from where the goal keeper throws the ball and how far it traveled and who has control of the ball now.
It will show when players attempt an aerial challenge and who won the header.
With our favourite event being when a striker or any player has an attempt on goal displaying where that player shot from and where abouts in the goal it was scored.
With this being from the point of view of the striker onto goals!!!


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